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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Being a victim is a life choice

You know what drives me crazy? Victims. No, not someone who is a victim of a crime or a child who is beaten. I am talking about the perpetual victim personality. There are whole sections of our society dedicated to keeping themselves in a victim status. And there are people who are born with victim DNA. There are also people born with a complete rejection of being a victim no matter how many times they find themselves victimized throughout life.

The moment you allow yourself to be classified as a minority and accept the very concept that you deserve preferential treatment - you have embraced victimization. You have given up your free will and your control over your own destiny. You have handed over the responsibility of you, as an individual, to succeed or claim your own attributes as the reasons for any success you might achieve. You have guaranteed a future where you get jobs, grants, scholarships, college acceptance, loans, promotions, houses, benefits, retributions because of affirmative action. You will be forever indebted to your benefactors for any success or gifts you receive. You will never be able to claim your own competence, intelligence, capability, resourcefulness, or ingenuity as the reasons for anything you achieve in life. Victimization has consequences.

Yes, you will never have to be responsible for anything you do wrong. Your benefactors will champion your right to be lowly, incapable of growth, poor, uneducated, violent, addicted and more. Isn't that fantastic? Wow, a whole system designed to make sure you never climb up, never think for yourself, never better yourself, never overcome your upbringing and environment. So, if you fall under this category, do you never question how a system that benefits from your low level, helpless, reliant personality could possibly be created to help you? If they get power and votes from your dependence, what possible reasons could they have for helping you actually become better, dominant and successful? If they get your vote and support from keeping you as lowly victims, what incentive do they have to let you out of your position as a helpless victim? None.

Liberals have been the ruling class in minority, beaten down districts for decades now. Not only have those districts not thrown off the mantle of repression - they have worsened over the years. Can you not see that they claim to represent you but they can only stay in power if you remain victims, minorities and powerless?

On the other side Conservative have been demonized as hating the disadvantaged on every level. And yet, if you look at this month's elections, the number of hispanic, female, gay and black people who were supported on their platform stances was overwhelming. And the Dems, liberals and "progressives" (not to mention the liberal media) all bashed every woman, gay, black and latino who ran for office with Tea Party support on the basis that they were stupid, racist, Judas back-stabbers to every other individual who fit their minority definitions. Really? They are people who want to succeed on their own merits. They have no desire to be indebted to anyone else for their future because they have figured out how to do it for themselves.

I am American Indian on 3 different fronts. My husband is on at least 2. Our children are gifted with all of those tribes.

We are also a family combination of Irish, Scottish, English and French Jew.

3 of us our women.

Jeff and I were molested.

I was abused physically, emotionally, sexually and psychically.

My father abused my mother, brother and me.

My step-father sexually abused my brother, my 2 step-brothers and almost all the boys I grew up with and loved. My mother married him after he was convicted on my first day of college and is still married to him today. He has has strokes which have made him completely incapable of buffering just in time for my brother to have a baby boy.

Here's my point. I have rejected preferential treatment of women for jobs, colleges, etc. since I was a teenager.

If you've been molested or abused - you are not a victim as a personality trait. Be pro-active and in charge of your life. If the asshole hurts you anyways, you have been victimized. This doesn't mean you have to be a victim as a personality.

I am bi-sexual, pagan, tattooed, abused, Amerindian, molested, poor most of my life, never got to finish college, started having kids at 19, white trash.

But I have educated myself. I homeschooled my girls. I reject the world of victimization even though others seek solace in it.

I'm bi-polar and so are both of my girls to different extents. Ariana is ADD and dyslexic. But we haven't asked for governmetn assistance, loans, and victimization papers.

I'm just saying that just because you have been treated like shit by family and society? Doesn't mean you get preferential treatment in real life. I've said since I was a child in the eighties that I didn't want to be given anything just because I was female. I don't want to be given anything because I was abused. I don't want people like me who have been abused to get off because we were victims who hurt others.

We are ALL responsible for our choices as adults. This is why I reject the entire liberal agenda. Who you are today is a choice on every level. Were your ancestors slaves, indebted servants, lower class? Who gives a shit? You are what you do in this world today. You are responsible for your own failures and successes.

The left say they want to champion you because of your skin color, gender, religion, immigration status, etc. They are called liberators.

The right says they want people to succeed because they believe in freedom, the constitution, individuality, justice and individual success. '

If you have a brain, which side do you really support? If you believe in people fulfilling their dreams, which side supports YOU?

Stop being victims. I have no sympathy for you. Make the world better or just go away. If you aren't made stronger by the thing that have happened to you than fade away into obscurity. You aren't worth anything and won't better our world.

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Dean said...

LaDonna, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. How did you find out about it?

Take care. Stay strong.