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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Time of Year

Maybe I picked a bad time of year to begin a blog. I'm certainly not keeping my daily quota as of yet. It's certainly a busy and stressful time to try this.

But it's a wonderful time, too. Traditions, food, family, love. We get to feed Wednesday her first devilled egg. Ariana is dying to put olives on the ends of her fingers and take pictures. The pie ingredients are ready for tomorrow, the eggs have been boiled and are cooling and the cranberries are sitting on the counter waiting to get "sauced". (Come on, had to throw in a wine joke.)

We'll get really full and play some games and just when you think you can't take anymore - DESSERT! We will watch football and my mother and I will try not to trip over each other in her kitchen.

We will (if we've planned well enough) come home with enough leftovers to roll in all weekend. I will eat enough cranberry sauce to keep me healthy all year long. We will be sleepy and happy and curl up to watch tv under blankets.

Oh yes, and while most of you are out there celebrating Black Friday I will be nowhere near a mall. I wish you all the best bargain hunting but you won't catch me in that madhouse. I will hopefully get to see Philip for a little while. Maybe we'll make it to "Megamind". I've been dying to see that. My husband has all four days off and hopefully he won't hear from a customer the whole time. Now THAT would be something to make us thankful.

And then, the best part starts. Christmas music, people putting up their lights and thinking about other people as you plan for that beautiful holiday.

Maybe I actually chose a good time of year to start a blog. It's certainly not boring and there is so much for which to be thankful.

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