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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Musings from a "betcha" kind of gal

Why do people hate Sarah Palin so much?

I understand if you disagree with her politically. Really I do. But the vitriol she attracts has really confused me from the very beginning. What creates such hateful, venomous rhetoric from people on both sides?

I'm not even saying that I want her to be the next President at this point. I'm not ruling it out mind you. I'm just not thrilled with her aligning herself with the Tea Party Express and supporting some GOP pushed nominees in this month's elections. The Tea Party is NOT the Express crowd, which really represents some GOP minded fundraisers who agree up to a certain point with Tea Party principles but still believe the establishment has all the answers. She is either naive doing this, too loyal to the GOP or sold out for the money. I don't know yet and I reserve my judgments for her future actions. One can only be judged by what they actually do, not just what they say. Until the past few months, I believed in her based on that criteria.

I also do not like her doing a travel documentary show for TLC or her short-lived show on Fox. I don't think it's proper for a politician to be in that role. I think they should be one or the other and she is so damn effective as a politician and speaker that I'm disappointed in her choices to follow the other paths.

See how my likes and dislikes of her are based in reason? Do you see how I can state my feelings with some criteria that makes sense?

Compare this to the rabid dislike of "the way she speaks". Really? Clinton rambled on in southern dialect and no one complained. (Bush's same dialect was ridiculed as he is a Conservative, at least in some areas.) Carter and his family couldn't put sentences together. Obama speaks in an accent he must have created for himself since it doesn't exist in Kenya, Hawaii or Chicago. I'm guessing it is IvyLeagian dialect since that is the only place people seem to speak in such a manner. He has none of the cadences so recognizable from Kenya OR Hawaii, despite having grown up in those two places. But hey, Sarah Palin sounds "weird".

You know what? I like her "betcha" vernacular. I find it recognizable and totally middle America. How do you decide on a political candidate based on making fun of her accent?

Do they hate her because she's pretty? God knows most liberals (Pelosi, Boxer, Waters) are on the horrifically deformed side. But we really criticize her for being attractive, athletic and a mother? We hate mothers now? Well, I guess if you support full-scale abortions and cleansing of undesirables (see Planned Parenthood and Eric Holder for 2 examples) then I guess we do.

I have seen Biden AND Obama make huge gaffes in their public speaking engagements. I mean, 4 speeches in a row our renowned President referred to the Army Corps as a group of dead individuals (corpses) repeatedly. Biden asked a disabled man to stand up. Our glorious leader said he'd been to all 56 states. And Palin is the moron? She's the inexperienced one?

Look, I don't think Bristol should have won DWTS. However, I think that the number of people who support her mom and her own life that voted for her shows more about the revolution happening in this country than even the November election could prove. I don't even agree with either of these mothers of young children being out without their babies so much and so often is a choice of motherhood I want to defend. But for crying out loud, judge them on something real, something you actually believe in. Stop name calling and repeating what the media and SNL tells you to think about them. Develop an independent thought.

She is a mother. She cares about the world her children will inhabit. She believes in the Constitution. She is real and Rissa and I totally identify with her personality and approach to life. We see ourselves in her. She takes the road less travelled at every turn. She chose life for her beautiful son with Down's Syndrome. She cannot be accused of racism (husband and children, bona fide American Indians, for the morons who don't get it), sexism or hating the poor since she herself has been there and done that. So in the absence of real criticism people attack with hatred and mindless malevolence that reeks of fear.

You know what? I think - no matter what they claim - liberals are more hateful to women candidates than any conservative has EVER been. I think the liberal media has attacked every woman on both sides of the aisle repeatedly. And if you're a woman and conservative? You must be destroyed. Oh wait. It's just like if you are a black conservative. Or hispanic conservative. Or gay conservative. You must be drawn and quartered for you prove that the liberals spew lies and manipulations when they claim to champion those groups. You cannot have your own mind and be any of those "minority", victimized people. They lose their power when you do that. They lose their credibility. They lose their ability to control. So they must attack you, the people they claim to defend, with more anger and animosity than they do any white, male, Christian candidate. People really should catch on eventually, right?

This is why I love the Tea Party movement. This is why I think we have started a revolution that will change this nation back to greatness from within.

And this is why I love Sarah Palin. In her we saw that greatness, that humanity, that we were lacking in all the McCains, Bush's, Michael Steeles and Colin Powells. Those of us who were inspired by her have surged forward to take back our party and with it - OUR COUNTRY. We're not affected by the name calling and the typical, liberal playbook. For crying out loud, when you are American Indian, pagan, tattooed, bi-sexual and standing between an Asian man and a black and hispanic couple and people scream RACIST at you at a Tea Party event you have to realize how full of bullshit the entire opposition is. WTF?

Thank you America. We can't get discouraged now. We're getting ready to change the world again.

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julie paden said...

While I agree with most everything you have posted, and by the way read it gleefully, I have to disagree with the show Sarah Palin's Alaska. I too thought what kind of move is this what is she doing and that it would take away any seriousness of a candicy she might have later still not sure I would want her as president as much as I do love her. I have to say this show has opened up conversations with my family and I about resources it brings back a sense of loving the land. I do understand this may stem from me being a fisher type woman that would hunt if I lived in an area like Alaska, however she is taking all the things the liberals say we cannot do with our resources and showing we can be self supporting, she is making all the Peta folks crazy by taking us back to our roots of hunting fishing and living off our land. Until the interviews I recently saw her in I thought quite possibly her answeres were too simple but she suprised me......I am leanning more towards her running all the time....and as much as the far left hates her they are telling us that is who they are afraid of the most.....I don't know it is just how I feel about she works she says she will NOT have handlers when and if she ran really impressed me....I am sick of handlers and fakeness and made up polls give me realness....give me the truth I personally can handle it I like most americans are not morons we can take care of our selves....she is the only one so far I see telling us the truth.....Thanks LD for starting this blog