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Sunday, November 14, 2010

A beginning

Well, this is a beginning for me. A beginning in the world of blogs. A beginning in remembering how to write things that interest others. A beginning in so many areas.

I am beginning my life as a post-childhood mother. My girls are adults. They are moving outward and this is good. I'm proud of them. And yet, it is a new start for me. Make that us. Jeff and I experienced a strong dose of that when we went to Maui this year for our anniversary. And you know what? As much as I am dreading not being with my girls every possible moment, we got a really promising glimpse into our future as a couple. I actually think we're going to be okay. Maybe even have a ball. It's kind of nice to know that already.

It's a beginning in my life politically. The past few years have been such torture, so frustrating. I've been screaming the same things about where we were headed since I was in Jr. High and started reading Ayn Rand. And now, I find myself in a time where the people around me are rising up, discarding the mantle of politeness and understanding just how wrong things are. I feel like I have finally reached the historical point I was born to inhabit. I feel so alive and yet I know part of this is because we find ourselves living on the edge of the future. On the brink of surviving or taking the deep dive that drives us away from Freedeom, Individuality and Justice.

Every time a door closes, ten others begin to open. I live my life believing that there are no endings, only opportunities for new beginnings. I am grateful for each one. So here we are. A new beginning. For me, for you, for the world. Let's all participate and see where we end up. The best is yet to come......if we work on it.

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Crayl said...

You picked the exact same background as my blog. I find it hilarious, and yet, I am not surprised in the least.
Welcome to blogland.