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Thursday, November 25, 2010

I am Thankful for......

What a fantastic Thanksgiving. All the food was yummy. Ricci's green bean casserole was delicious. My turkey was mostly moist (curse some of the white meat). Jack was delightful and then actually took a nap. Wednesday was sooooo cute and adorable and.....just......Wednesday. You can't meet her without loving her. That giggle. My heart is so full.

So with that in mind, I might have some things for which to give thanks.

I am thankful for:

my daughters and the relationship we share.
my husband finding a job in this recession before his other job ran out.
my brother finding a job in the same recession.
my mother being in good health.
my kitties.
my friends, both new and old. You sustain me.
my health, even though to some of you that may sound strange.
our ability to pay our own bills.
being so lucky to be in the lives of some (now grown) children that I've known since they were little.
my marriage and our life together.
having a roof (albeit leaky) over our heads.
knowing love in so many forms and feeling full of joy.
having so much to laugh about.
my girls being healthy and intelligent.
my brother and his family for moving back to San Diego and being with us today.
having a new stove that made cooking so wonderful this year.
so many fantastic books.
America waking up again.
my Tea Party friends and their support.
Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck for keeping me sane.
knowing where all 3 of my brothers are.
every day I have on this earth.

There. I feel like I've gotten as much as I can on this list in one sitting. We each shared a reason we're thankful at Thanksgiving dinner today (apparently Ricci and I both had wanted to do that, sweet!) but I kept coming up with more. It's been said that life is nothing without hope. I disagree. Life stops mattering when you have nothing for which to be thankful. Some days I am just grateful to be breathing. But I try to search for something every day and most days? I come up with a whole lot more.

So, where do your thanks lie? What do you celebrate and give thanks for every day? What brings you to your knees, just knowing you have it in your life?

Happy Thanksgiving. Good luck to you shoppers tomorrow. Everyone else - take a nap. Love you, friends. Peace out.

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