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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Holidays complicate things

Wow, remembering to blog every day, even when you don't feel like it is hard. I bow to and worship those of you who are capable of maintaining your blogs with greater commitment.

It's the Christmas thing. I'm caught up in what we can spend, who we need to buy for and what is the most amazing thing to make people you love feel happy. My mom is planning our shopping down to the hour. I'm desperate to come up with an unused idea about making presents for people. I just can't be irresponsible about our finances right now.

I wanted my roof fixed so we could put the Christmas tree by the front door for everyone to see but it doesn't seem to be happening. I'm probably just going to invade the living room on my own and throw out everything in sight so I can at least have a fresh cut tree in there. I'm feeling like getting rid of almost everything we own right now. At least we'll have more time for ordering dumpsters and filling them over the holidays.

And yes, for anyone who knew me before and was aware of my horror about killing living trees just to stow them in my house for the holidays? Got over it. Love the smell and the freshness. Not to mention the whole fake tree being okay thing being ruined a couple of years ago when a rodent infestation had precluded the holidays and our extraction of our beautiful fake tree showed signs of rodent habitation. I wish it had been legal to burn that thing. So yeah, I'm over the save the tree thing. If animals were on the tree I buy every year at LEAST they were on it in a natural, woody setting. Not within the bounds of my home.

So anyways. I will be shopping. Maybe I'll blog (please, please, please). I'll be cleaning, too. Eventually we'll be decorating and wrapping. At some point I will come to terms with what we CAN or CANNOT do. And I'll get to think about my babies Wednesday and Jacksun a whole bunch.

Oh yeah, for the record? We went to Jeff's new company's Christmas party last night. The most relaxed, enjoyable holiday party I have ever attended. Good food, good company and the most fun I've ever had with a White Elephant exchange.

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