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Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve was AMAZING

This day was pretty much perfect. In case you don't know this already, Christmas Eve is my mother's birthday. So we started our day with a fabulous lunch of Greek food and celebrating my mother. I got myself parked between Wednesday and Jack. Darn. How terrible, right? lol Once again - Wednesday proved that Uncle Jeff is her pawn and will do whatever she wants. Soooo cute! And just for the record? So did Jack. It was a blast. I think my mom was beyond thrilled with her bday lunch. My family did what she asked us to do. Ricci was a dream for giving her what she really would have wanted. She gave her a calendar filled with pix of the babies and even a couple of my kids. I'm jealous, I want a copy for ME!

Proceed to the scene at my mother's. There are probably 6 sq. feet of presents waiting for us, maybe more. My mother and I went WAY overboard. And I'm not even going to try to apologize for it. Too much fun and too much happiness.

So we got the little ones a shit load of presents. Especially Wednesday. Recently, when Ariana and I were babysitting because Ricci had to go the hospital, we witnessed Wednesday taking the teddy bear Ariana gave her last year and feeding it and taking out wiped to clean his face and.....yeah, his booty. She is mimicking her mommy and taking care of a "baby". At this point, we determined we had a mission. That little girl needed a baby doll.

Now, you have to understand that my niece is a midget child. She turns 2 in a couple of weeks and her 7 mo brother is barely behind her in weight and height. So the world of baby dolls became limited. They were all bigger than her. HUGE, to be honest. And the ones that are automated frankly scared the hell out of us. One sounded like a stranded goat. Another one was like possesso baby and yet another said things I found vaguely inappropriate.

Then, we found the mini-Cabbage Patch baby. The ONLY kind of Cabbage kid in the store for some weird reason. It was tiny. It was adorable. It had a bottle (plus we added a pack of accessories like a mini box of wipes), green eyes and no chin.......just like our adorable Wednesday. We were so excited to give it to her but had no idea how she would react.

Let me just say this. There are certain magical Christmas moments. They don't happen every year. Sometimes they never happen at all. But Wednesday opening her baby doll present? One of the most amazing things I've ever experienced in my life.

She was like Ariana, desperate to get someone to free her baby. She was absolutely frantic. When we got her out she took hold of her and the bottle and wouldn't let go. She put the bottle in her mouth. She burped her. She bounced her on her knee. She would only let some people (that's right, I am one of the trusted people with baby McCant) even hold the baby. She immediately started making soft, crying sounds for her baby that made her have to cuddle or feed her. She couldn't care less about the rest of her presents for the longest time. That baby and it's needs became the center of her attention. She showed her to Jack and let Rissa bounce Jack AND baby on her knees. She gave her to me to hold when she opened or played with other presents. She took her brother's baby car seat, cleaned it out of his toys and put her baby in it. It was the sweetest, most adorable baby Christmas moment I think I've ever experienced. We kept tearing up about her taking care of baby and how absolutely thrilled she was to finally have a baby in her arms and do what Mommy does every day. The only other present that captured even a fraction of that reaction were the mega-blocks with a gear system/shape sorter and playing with it (while I babysat CB kid) with Rissa and Ariana in the kitchen. Wait until she gets her kitchen, magnetic, cut-up bread/cutting board/cut-up bread, fruit, etc. AND her little tool box w/ wooden tools, screws, supplies plus her backpack full of Black & Decker tools.

Okay, not baby related. My mom getting her long john pj's from all of us (because she gives pj's to the grandkids every year and Jon jokingly asked her if she wanted long john's for Christmas once and got a great reaction) and laughing so fully, loving the gift AND the joke and.........drum roll

Merry Christmas. I will wrap myself in my luxurious, red wrap that my mommy noticed me loving and went back and bought for me. She really surprised me this year.

I am beyond thrilled that she gave us tickets to "Mixtape" which I've been dying to see. The star is the younger brother to my great friend and occasional date that I recently learned had passed on. I am so excited to see the show on it's own but the thought that Lawton's little bro is the star is the cherry on top of the universe.

Merry Christmas y'all. I'll probably post tomorrow or the next day. I am drowning the the love, friendship, caring and good wishes amongst my friends and family.

Hey Abernathy/Peery clan! I love all of you more than you can know. Some day we will get together and have a proper holiday with all of us damaged kiddos.

I love you all. I am blessed to know you. My life is full because of all the souls I touch every moment.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas shopping horrors

I'm so drained by the demands of the holidays that I've had a hard time posting anything. It isn't because I haven't tried. I've started so many posts that I didn't finish. Sometimes it was just because I went to sleep and then couldn't regain the momentum the next day. Sometimes I just didn't feel the same so it didn't matter. Other times I've gotten partway through and just been too full of emotions and information to be able to spit it all out in a reasonable manner.

Shopping and wrapping are wonderful, rewarding, torturous and just plain painful. People are at their absolute best AND worst at this time of year. I try to be patient and understanding and lend sympathy to everyone.

But down deep? Outside of the wonderful people I encounter with their kids and love and excitement? The jerks bring me down.

I want to kill some of them or just tell them off. But because I don't want to feel that, experience the conflicts or live in the world of negative I just bottle it all and put on a good face. Who wants to be the grumpy, Grinchy person out shopping? Certainly not me. So I shove it down and paste a smile on my face and do my damnedest to focus on the positive, the happy kids and the joyous shoppers.

I just find it takes its toll. Do you know what I mean? You find your nerves and patience worn to a thin, raw nub. So after putting on the smiley face of a saint in the world of shopping you find yourself snapping at the people you love the most. The people you are enduring all the crap for to bring them joy and happiness. How ridiculous is that? Those aren't the people really driving you crazy but you still tamp it down for the strangers and feel too exhausted to make the same effort for your friends and family.

Okay, maybe this is just me. Not trying to project my issues on the rest of you. But I think there are many in the world who experience this too.

So I guess I'm gonna take some deep breaths and remember how much I love those who are closest to my heart. I've done most of my wrapping and ALL of my shopping so I can take the time to reflect on what's important.

But just so we're clear? If you are one of those rude people that makes me so angry? Santa isn't bringing you the presents that matter. And Rudolph will poop on your roof.

Bah humbug.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Great Weekend (not to brag)

Wow. I mean it, wow!

I'm done with Christmas shopping except for a couple of things that just have to be picked up. And I got things I'm really happy to be giving people. Best. Feeling. Ever! Niece and nephews will be happy. Hopefully so will the adults. (Oh yeah, and my girls too. I KNOW they're adults but for me they still fit in with the kiddies. Can you imagine how insane I'm gonna be when I have my own grandkids?)

Handmade projects are on schedule and will be executed perfectly (well as close as homemade projects can be. I mean, that's the whole point of homemade, right? It's unique and junk? If they were perfect a machine could have made them. Right. No one expects perfection. It's okay. Deep breath. *inhale**exhale*)

Ariana and Rissa decorated the house and yard with lots of pretty lights, etc. yesterday. Definitely lights up our little corner. I'm sure Ariana will recover from being startled by the lights SHE hung on the house. Or, maybe not.

We went and got our Christmas tree today. It smells absolutely divine throughout the house. The lights and ornaments are so pretty. Ariana managed to decorate the interior as well. It's kind of her thing. : ) Here's to hoping the cats leave most of the tree/ornaments alone this year.

I got to spend the entire day with my husband. He's been working long hours so this was extra special. I miss the smell of his skin and his hugs when we're apart. Well, a few other things too but that's another conversation entirely. : ) Mind your own business, people. I think we both feel a little happier after our day.

Did I mention he made dinner as well? It was so delicious, tender and perfect that there is NOTHING left over.

And if that wasn't enough? All that glorious stuff?

The Raiders lost.

And the Chargers BURIED THE CHIEFS AND DANCED ON THEIR GRAVES. That's right. We're bad. Unh-huh. Whatcha gonna do about it?

(As a San Diego fan it's always fun to bust out the occasional trash talk. We don't get to use it as often as some fans. Please, indulge me.)

So happy dreams to all of you. Stay safe and sane this season. If we share love everywhere we go maybe we can make this world a little happier for at least a few weeks? It's worth the effort. Then, if it works, maybe we can try it for a few more weeks? Sort of on a month-by-month extension basis? You know, see how it works out?

Love y'all. Thanks if you're reading.

What a day! : )

I wanted to blog.

Life got in the way.

I'm kind of okay with that.

I am so sorry my sister-in-law experienced pain and distress today. I am beyond grateful that my day was spent in the company of the cutest, happiest, most entertaining babies that were ever put on this earth.

I'm grateful my sister-in-law is okay......pending surgery.

I'm happy that I had a life that is so rewarding and full of love that I didn't have much time to blog.

I am more than okay with that.

So I got to blog after all.

And to think I started my day with plans to visit with friends in east county. Their daughter had a fever and stayed home from school and we had to cancel. So I called my mom and arranged to go Christmas shopping in the early afternoon. As a result I was dressed and ready to go when my brother called and asked us to help.

Talk about the domino effect.

Love you all. May I find my inner blog tomorrow. Sweet dreams.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Failure post but still a post

Okay, apparently I'm not meant to seriously blog tonight. I've put in two different ones and both have had crashes and failures. I take this as a sign from the Universe. I will say nothing meaningful, spiritual, political or in any way enlightening. The very fact that this is the one post that will publish successfully is all the proof I need to know that the Universe wants me to contribute nothing today on any significant level.

I don't think there is an expectation of me in the blogosphere as yet but I alone am disappointed in my ability to thwart destiny. Pretty lights and decorations for Christmas have me thrilled. And I hope I'm not taunting the wizards of fate when I once again worship the house with the full on, large window, media event with Santa carousing their home with a candle and warning spectators not to alert the inhabitants. Terrified my girls and MADE MY HOLIDAY.

I had so much to say and yet I haven't been able to produce.

Shop. Love. Cherish loved ones and memories. Listen to some freaking Christmas music. I will try to overcome my technological deficiencies and post a real blog tomorrow. Hopefully. Love and peace, y'all. Mwah!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

How 'bout them Raiders?

I started to write a blog about the WikiLeaks situation but discovered it just made me too angry.

I thought about a blog about my weekend but really? It was just nice, relaxed and pampered for the most part. The only really bad part was my husband having to work some. Oh yeah, and the score between the Chargers and the *gag* Raiders. I didn't even get to watch the game because the first special teams fumble made Jeff so mad we couldn't keep it on. Had to watch it play by play on the online graphic program.

I really don't like the Raiders. As a team I can admire a few of their players sometimes. But they are THE most penalized team in the NFL. They play dirty more than most other teams. And their fans are overwhelming violent. When we have huge surges of bail bondsmen commercials every time they're in town that says it all for me.

Please don't get me wrong. I know quite the array of Raiders fans who are, for the most part, well-adjusted, rational, non-violent individuals. I don't mean to generalize and paint every fan of the silver and black as a violent, felon gang-banger.

And yet I'm stuck with way more than a stereotype with this team. Prison inmates (particularly in California but also spread across the nation) have a disproportionate number of Raiders fans compared to other teams. The Oakland area is the motherland to motorcycle gangs like Hells Angels and they follow Raiders almost without fail. Mexican gangs are also unbelievably tilted to being Raider fans.

Whenever the Raiders come to town we have to have increased police presence not only at the game but all over the city. Crime and violence go up without fail. I'm pretty sure bondsmen all over the county thought of this game as a fantastic Christmas bonus. Domestic violence even goes up when the Raiders are in town.

Now I know that the Raiders aren't the only team to spur violence at their wins AND losses. Good grief, the Lakers fans are ridiculous. Detroit fans go nuts. It's not an isolated event. But how many cause crime in another city when they play?

I understand if that's your hometown and you love your team. I don't get the fans who align themselves with a team JUST because of its violent image and following. It's just so weird and sick and the fact that the team almost prides itself on dirty plays and high numbers of penalties is bizarre to me. Shouldn't a team want as FEW penalties and fines as possible? Isn't that normal?

Sorry for all the negative here but doesn't this bother anyone else out there? Just takes up so much space in my brain wondering about it.

If you're a fan, please tell me why and don't be offended. I have a feeling there are more like me in my friendship circle, though.

Thanks for listening to my rant. I actually DO feel better. And WAY less panicked than if I'd blogged about Julian Assange or anything to do with him. This topic didn't require Xanax. Wheeee! Rum and diet Coke win.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Holidays complicate things

Wow, remembering to blog every day, even when you don't feel like it is hard. I bow to and worship those of you who are capable of maintaining your blogs with greater commitment.

It's the Christmas thing. I'm caught up in what we can spend, who we need to buy for and what is the most amazing thing to make people you love feel happy. My mom is planning our shopping down to the hour. I'm desperate to come up with an unused idea about making presents for people. I just can't be irresponsible about our finances right now.

I wanted my roof fixed so we could put the Christmas tree by the front door for everyone to see but it doesn't seem to be happening. I'm probably just going to invade the living room on my own and throw out everything in sight so I can at least have a fresh cut tree in there. I'm feeling like getting rid of almost everything we own right now. At least we'll have more time for ordering dumpsters and filling them over the holidays.

And yes, for anyone who knew me before and was aware of my horror about killing living trees just to stow them in my house for the holidays? Got over it. Love the smell and the freshness. Not to mention the whole fake tree being okay thing being ruined a couple of years ago when a rodent infestation had precluded the holidays and our extraction of our beautiful fake tree showed signs of rodent habitation. I wish it had been legal to burn that thing. So yeah, I'm over the save the tree thing. If animals were on the tree I buy every year at LEAST they were on it in a natural, woody setting. Not within the bounds of my home.

So anyways. I will be shopping. Maybe I'll blog (please, please, please). I'll be cleaning, too. Eventually we'll be decorating and wrapping. At some point I will come to terms with what we CAN or CANNOT do. And I'll get to think about my babies Wednesday and Jacksun a whole bunch.

Oh yeah, for the record? We went to Jeff's new company's Christmas party last night. The most relaxed, enjoyable holiday party I have ever attended. Good food, good company and the most fun I've ever had with a White Elephant exchange.