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Sunday, December 5, 2010

How 'bout them Raiders?

I started to write a blog about the WikiLeaks situation but discovered it just made me too angry.

I thought about a blog about my weekend but really? It was just nice, relaxed and pampered for the most part. The only really bad part was my husband having to work some. Oh yeah, and the score between the Chargers and the *gag* Raiders. I didn't even get to watch the game because the first special teams fumble made Jeff so mad we couldn't keep it on. Had to watch it play by play on the online graphic program.

I really don't like the Raiders. As a team I can admire a few of their players sometimes. But they are THE most penalized team in the NFL. They play dirty more than most other teams. And their fans are overwhelming violent. When we have huge surges of bail bondsmen commercials every time they're in town that says it all for me.

Please don't get me wrong. I know quite the array of Raiders fans who are, for the most part, well-adjusted, rational, non-violent individuals. I don't mean to generalize and paint every fan of the silver and black as a violent, felon gang-banger.

And yet I'm stuck with way more than a stereotype with this team. Prison inmates (particularly in California but also spread across the nation) have a disproportionate number of Raiders fans compared to other teams. The Oakland area is the motherland to motorcycle gangs like Hells Angels and they follow Raiders almost without fail. Mexican gangs are also unbelievably tilted to being Raider fans.

Whenever the Raiders come to town we have to have increased police presence not only at the game but all over the city. Crime and violence go up without fail. I'm pretty sure bondsmen all over the county thought of this game as a fantastic Christmas bonus. Domestic violence even goes up when the Raiders are in town.

Now I know that the Raiders aren't the only team to spur violence at their wins AND losses. Good grief, the Lakers fans are ridiculous. Detroit fans go nuts. It's not an isolated event. But how many cause crime in another city when they play?

I understand if that's your hometown and you love your team. I don't get the fans who align themselves with a team JUST because of its violent image and following. It's just so weird and sick and the fact that the team almost prides itself on dirty plays and high numbers of penalties is bizarre to me. Shouldn't a team want as FEW penalties and fines as possible? Isn't that normal?

Sorry for all the negative here but doesn't this bother anyone else out there? Just takes up so much space in my brain wondering about it.

If you're a fan, please tell me why and don't be offended. I have a feeling there are more like me in my friendship circle, though.

Thanks for listening to my rant. I actually DO feel better. And WAY less panicked than if I'd blogged about Julian Assange or anything to do with him. This topic didn't require Xanax. Wheeee! Rum and diet Coke win.

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