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Monday, December 6, 2010

Failure post but still a post

Okay, apparently I'm not meant to seriously blog tonight. I've put in two different ones and both have had crashes and failures. I take this as a sign from the Universe. I will say nothing meaningful, spiritual, political or in any way enlightening. The very fact that this is the one post that will publish successfully is all the proof I need to know that the Universe wants me to contribute nothing today on any significant level.

I don't think there is an expectation of me in the blogosphere as yet but I alone am disappointed in my ability to thwart destiny. Pretty lights and decorations for Christmas have me thrilled. And I hope I'm not taunting the wizards of fate when I once again worship the house with the full on, large window, media event with Santa carousing their home with a candle and warning spectators not to alert the inhabitants. Terrified my girls and MADE MY HOLIDAY.

I had so much to say and yet I haven't been able to produce.

Shop. Love. Cherish loved ones and memories. Listen to some freaking Christmas music. I will try to overcome my technological deficiencies and post a real blog tomorrow. Hopefully. Love and peace, y'all. Mwah!

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