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Friday, December 10, 2010

Great Weekend (not to brag)

Wow. I mean it, wow!

I'm done with Christmas shopping except for a couple of things that just have to be picked up. And I got things I'm really happy to be giving people. Best. Feeling. Ever! Niece and nephews will be happy. Hopefully so will the adults. (Oh yeah, and my girls too. I KNOW they're adults but for me they still fit in with the kiddies. Can you imagine how insane I'm gonna be when I have my own grandkids?)

Handmade projects are on schedule and will be executed perfectly (well as close as homemade projects can be. I mean, that's the whole point of homemade, right? It's unique and junk? If they were perfect a machine could have made them. Right. No one expects perfection. It's okay. Deep breath. *inhale**exhale*)

Ariana and Rissa decorated the house and yard with lots of pretty lights, etc. yesterday. Definitely lights up our little corner. I'm sure Ariana will recover from being startled by the lights SHE hung on the house. Or, maybe not.

We went and got our Christmas tree today. It smells absolutely divine throughout the house. The lights and ornaments are so pretty. Ariana managed to decorate the interior as well. It's kind of her thing. : ) Here's to hoping the cats leave most of the tree/ornaments alone this year.

I got to spend the entire day with my husband. He's been working long hours so this was extra special. I miss the smell of his skin and his hugs when we're apart. Well, a few other things too but that's another conversation entirely. : ) Mind your own business, people. I think we both feel a little happier after our day.

Did I mention he made dinner as well? It was so delicious, tender and perfect that there is NOTHING left over.

And if that wasn't enough? All that glorious stuff?

The Raiders lost.

And the Chargers BURIED THE CHIEFS AND DANCED ON THEIR GRAVES. That's right. We're bad. Unh-huh. Whatcha gonna do about it?

(As a San Diego fan it's always fun to bust out the occasional trash talk. We don't get to use it as often as some fans. Please, indulge me.)

So happy dreams to all of you. Stay safe and sane this season. If we share love everywhere we go maybe we can make this world a little happier for at least a few weeks? It's worth the effort. Then, if it works, maybe we can try it for a few more weeks? Sort of on a month-by-month extension basis? You know, see how it works out?

Love y'all. Thanks if you're reading.

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