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Monday, November 15, 2010


Have you ever noticed how liberals only say someone is "serious" when that someone agrees to do what the liberals want? You can't be "serious" about cutting taxes or opposing health care. You can't be "serious" when you want to read a bill before signing it. Oh no, then you are being ridiculous and obstructionist. Then, you are just the Party of NO. (NO will now be known as the Party of No Obama and I "seriously" suggest the GOP reinvent its image by flying the Gadsden Flag and renaming themselves PONO.) And you are a fringe lunatic if you suggest that the POTUS should have to present his birth certificate and school records to the public just because every other politician has been required to do so throughout history. Why the lunacy, the downright silliness of those who don't agree to give up their ideals and go with the progressive program.

They are always trying to make the Repubs "prove they are serious" and compromise (translate: give up) with the Dems on EVERYTHING. But Dems "proved THEY were serious" when they REFUSED to compromise with the Repubs over healthcare - hell, blatantly ignored the will of the American People. They are "serious" when they try to push forward the global warming agenda despite growing evidence that not only is it based on lies but that it is being perpetuated for the financial and political gain of specific individuals and organizations. THAT is deemed "serious".

And now, our wise POTUS has deemed that Israel is finally "serious" about peace with the Palestinians because they've agreed to a proposal to halt construction in the disputed zone. Except, Israel isn't as "serious" as the POTUS would lead us to believe. They are "looking into it" and exploring options and MAY eventually put forward a proposal with SOME of the US ideas in it to the Cabinet.....eventually. Personally, I always think of Israel as serious. If Israel were a person, I wouldn't want to run into them in a dark alley. They take care of business, even without the support of the rest of the free world.

So what was the point of this announcement? The Rainbow Tour (Evita, watch it) was an abysmal failure by all normal standards. Was this an attempt to chalk up just one success? Some effort to force Israel into going forward with the proposal because THE ONE announced it? Once again he has landed himself deep in a pile of political manure. It seems that community organizing didn't involve any education in diplomacy or the art of negotiation. Of course, when you can call in the SEIU and ACORN thugs to intimidate your prey, negotiations really aren't necessary. But wait, didn't those of us of sound mind and body point out these faults two years ago?

You know, sometimes it's just depressing to be so right, so often.


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debbienelson2010 said...

I love your blog. Seriously. And I really mean that <3