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Monday, January 24, 2011

Updates from a challenged new year

Wow, it's been ages. I don't have that much to say. Of course, you've heard that before, right?

Got a cold the day after Christmas that turned into a horrible series of infections that are still afflicting me now. Whole family, actually. It's a little embarrassing to admit our asses were kicked by a 2 yo little girl. Totally worth it to get Wednesday love for the holidays.

Walked into my front yard moments into the New Year to celebrate, make noise and spread confetti. Stepped of the curb and POW! Sprained my foot and ankle in so many ways that Kingdom Come still hasn't seen the likes of me. Still on crutches and some pain meds. Ridiculous.

I've also gotten to see some amazing shows and movies. "Tangled" was beyond amazing. Great Disney classic. "Mixtape" was a huge success with all four of us. Great music and comedy. Not only music from every single genre but the commercials, the culture and the cartoons as well. It was a blast. Of course, Leonard Patton was so incredible and Andy Ingersoll (sp?) was amazing as well.

Then we saw "Next to Normal". It was really remarkable, with the exception of Alice Ripley. Lady was sick and should have let us have a good show with the understudy. Just saying.

But the absolute best part of the last few weeks was Sunday. My little brother turns 33 on Tuesday, the 25th. So we got together at my mom's for pizza, cake and games. We got so much good loving with Wednesday and Jack. Jeff is baby whipped. He ran up and down the stairs with Wednesday, playing with her non-stop. And he cuddled with Jack and had so much fun playing with him. I can't get enough of those two angels. And Ricci (my sis-in-law for the uninformed) came prepared with the games. Have you watched the show "Minute to Win It"? Well, she came with a whole slew of games from that show for us to play. It was some of the best fun I've ever had in my life. She says she's starting a family tradition with us playing games for a trophy she bought at Party City. I absolutely love her. She was the best part of the games. I don't often get to see the giggly side of her. It was so much fun.

Anyways. That's my life right now. Didn't mean to abandon the world of blogs but I've had a run of...ummmm...luck? What kind of luck is up for interpretation.

I have discovered the true power of love, prayer and positive wishes throughout this month. That's a pretty powerful gift in my mind.

Thank you to all my friends, family, loved ones and acquaintances. It's silly but even the people I pull in because of the games I play on FB seem to be souls I need to know, am grateful to see and share so many of my values.

So, hello again blogosphere. I'll be back. Hopefully sooner than later.

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