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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Not that I have an opinion or anything...

Hey peeps. Thought I'd try two posts in a row. What do you think?

Foot is better. I was able to actually prepare a simple dinner for my family tonight. That's the first time since "The Fall" on New Year's. It's a small thing but I'm happy with it. I feel moderately productive for the first time in a month. Maybe I'll get to do some dishes or laundry soon.

In other news, I refused to actually watch the State of the Union address tonight. The man has been giving us a preview for over a week, we've been subjected to analysis and conjecture for over a week and it's not like anything he says will make me happy or surprise me. He's not likely to suddenly change his political agenda overnight. He isn't going to stop gunning for corporate America or finally understand how business, profits and jobs actually function.

It isn't as though he was going to announce something useful like slashing the corporate tax rates in America. Or instituting a flat tax. He isn't going to suddenly employ a staff of individuals with real business experience to advise him. He isn't going to renounce Obamacare. He's not going to cease being the man-child and take responsibility for anything and stop blaming Bush for everything. He's not going to celebrate the American exceptionalism or it's DREAM. He's not going to stop being a progressive socialist and switch over to capitalist ideals. He isn't going to cease bowing to and worshiping dictators and suddenly see reason.

So why would I have wasted my time, raised my blood pressure and lowered my immune system listening to this moron drone on and on? I think it is entirely reasonable of me to avoid the actual speech and just read the blogs and live updates and wait for Rush, Roger and Ladona Harvey to give me the basics tomorrow.

It's a huge step forward from how I handled the Clinton administration. Eight years of pretending the government didn't exist didn't really work out for me. After 9/11 I swore I would never zone out on the political condition again. And I won't. But I'm not wasting my energy on this poser-loser calling himself the leader of the "free" world. He is a worthless waste of oxygen and his wife is even more pathetic. They have no class and they want the American people to bare their throats to the wolves of the 3rd world in a show of submission. I have no intention of doing so or teaching my children to do so.

State of the Union = sorry.

State of the American People = sad.

State of the Tea Party = aggressive, productive and determined.

You people we just elected better represent us. The GOP better get the memo and represent us.

Otherwise? We'll be implementing a NEW Party and the Republicans will become a useless 3rd Party with no meaning and no support.

I'm out y'all. The future is ours if we continue to fight, force the dialogue and teach our children and grandchildren that we cannot afford to EVER forget or compromise.

Amen. America and freedom MUST prevail.

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